Welcome to the Birmingham and Midland Institute
Disabled Visitor Information

Important information for visitors with disabilities.

1 - Entrance
3 steps with portable ramps. Please ring the bell outside the main entrance for assistance.

2 - Exit/Emergencies
Users with disabilities should ensure they are accompanied by sufficient helpers, provided by the hirer, to ensure they can be guided, carried or wheeled to safety in the event of an emergency.

3 - Toilets
Wheelchair cubicles are provided on the main floor adjacent to the Lyttelton Theatre. Toilets on the mezzanine floor and in the basement are not accessible to wheelchair users.

4 - Room Accessibility
Room 14, Room 16 and the Theatre Bar are not accessible to wheelchair users. Room 21 can be reached by wheelchair users via the rear of the Lyttelton Theatre.

Portable ramps are available to access the Dickens, John Peek and Ryland Rooms.

Refreshments will be made available to disabled persons in other areas of the building which are accessible to them.

5 - The BMI must be notified of any visitors with disabilities, to enable suitable arrangements to be made for their accommodation.

This information forms part of the BMI Conditions of Hire and Safety Notices.

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