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Coming up during 2015 we have a wide range of events. Please see the current list of events below or to find out more information please download our latest Events Programme.

Event Date
Event Desciption
1st May

Literature Study Days - Discoveries.


Art Exhibition - Midland Painting Group.

1st May

Friday Morning Club - Ian Thomson: A Brummie Abroad.

8th May

Friday Morning Club - Random Readings.

11th May

Monday Lectures - Republicanism.

13th May

The Dickens Fellowship - Dickensian “Romantic Encounters” Jeff McDonald.

15th May

SCHUBERT - “The Trout” Quintet.

15th May

Friday Morning Club - Models and Memories.

18th May

Monday Lectures - The Work of William James Bloye 1890 – 1975..

22nd May

Concert - Piano Recital by Marie-Louise Taylor.

22nd May

Friday Morning Club - Rupert Hooton: School Days in World War 2.

29th May

Friday Morning Club - John Smith: Music from World War 1.

1st June

Monday Lectures - My Life in Ambridge.


Art Exhibition - Nicholas Sims.

5th June

Friday Morning Club - Philippa Clarkson: London Life.

8th June

Monday Lectures - Schubert’s Piano Sonata B flat Major.

10th June

The Dickens Fellowship - Annual General Meeting.

12th June

Friday Morning Club - Random Readings.

15th June

Monday Lectures - ‘God Bless Us Everyone’ Charles Dickens and Religion.

19th June

Friday Morning Club - Bill Hales: Perfect Partners.

20th June

Day School - Waterloo 200 Day.

22nd June

Monday Lectures - Fraudulent Attorneys up to no good in Regency Leeds.

26th June

Friday Morning Club - Social Coffee Morning.

29th June

Monday Lectures - The Mosley Effect: Sir Oswald Mosley, the Birmingham Labour Party and the Chamberlain Brothers.


Art Exhibition - Birmingham Printmakers.

6th July

Monday Lectures - This Hazy City: Louis Mac Neice and the Literary Life of Birmingham in the 1930s.

8th July

The Dickens Fellowship - “Dombey and Son” Brian Titton.

13th July

Monday Lectures - Did Dostoevsky meet Dickens?

12th August

The Dickens Fellowship - “Dickens Elsewhere” Rose Curley.

25th - 26th Sept

Study Days - Gotterdammerung Study Days
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