Work Experience at The BMI

BMI Experience 


Originally I saw working for the BMI to be a filler of time over my long post-GCSE summer rather than a learning experience, but I have most definitely been proven wrong in that regard. 


I have had a brilliant time at the BMI; although a sense of sadness fills me as this once major institute of Birmingham has had its money cut so often it is barely able to stay afloat. I believe everyone working and volunteering at the BMI should be very proud of their efforts because they are able to keep this section of Birmingham history alive and also allow it to have a future.  


The three main folks I’ve been in contact with are Samina, Dan and Martin and they have been nothing but welcoming and helpful to me. 


Samina was the first person I came in contact with when I entered for my first day, she is full to the brim with  kindness that she seems to be willing to spread it to anyone who enters through the BMI doors. In addition she allowed me to settle in quickly which was a God send when I was nervous on my first day.  


Dan was the second person I met from the BMI family. He was very much cool, calm and collected which took me by surprise as he very much is a person who receives a lot of the pressure as he is one of the few paid staff. He offered a wide range of opportunities that allowed me to develop new skills that will definitely help in my future working life. 


Finally Martin was a great help to me personally as he often helped me with the more labour intensive tasks, whilst also showing me much of site. I personally got on really well with Martin due to his wide range of sporting knowledge. 


I tried to repay their kindness, in the work I did for them which consisted mostly of just moving items around site and helping with a few computer based tasks. I would be lying if I said I felt 100% useful at all times as I feel in the later days they were struggling to find me stuff to help the with. However I would be up to coming back if my free time over the next two years of 6th form lined up with jobs that needed doing at the BMI.


The building is beautiful with an extensive library that is truly overwhelming. However it is very sad to see some of the various problems the building has; from my short time here the leaks seemed to be a major problem due to the flat roofs and poor guttering. The lack of funds means often the cheapest solution has to be taken instead of the most sustainable meaning the problems often reoccur semi-regularly. Therefore I wish them the best in their upcoming grant application they are currently putting together as I believe they need it most. 


To conclude I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at the BMI and my perspective on the institute has drastically changed from whence I first came through the doors. 

The BMI truly holds a place in my heart now.


Jackson Fraser Aged 16 

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