Tom Hicks

Monday 29 January – Friday 23 March

@blackcountrytype is an ongoing photographic project by Tom Hicks. A native of the Black Country, Tom is a writer, photographer, curator and academic librarian who lives and works in the region. Blackcountrytype aims to create a visual record of the area and explores the humour, tradition and variety of visual culture that it offers. It focuses on hidden or unseen areas of the Black Country and features objects, architecture, handmade graphics, graffiti and vintage typography. Prints on sale from only £10.

Visit Tom’s Instagram page and read an article on his work by Ruth Millington.


Midland Painting Group

Monday 26 March – Friday 18 May

The group was established in the 1940s with the aim to generate a wider interest in the visual arts, share interest and expertise, and offer guidance via appraisals by professional artists. Their members range from those with art training through to accomplished amateurs and keen ‘leisure’ painters. The composition of MPG’s membership reflects their belief in art’s ability to cross age and social boundaries.


Jacqui Dodds

Monday 21 May – Friday 6 July

Jacqui Dodds works in paint and printmaking and is a member of Birmingham Printmakers. Her practice revolves around memories of places visited and the objects within them. Images and feelings of these spaces are retraced to create an essence in print and painting. Colour is important and she juxtaposes resonating colours to alter the mood of the work.

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