Infidel by Ayaan Hirsi Ali 2007

At a time when blasphemy laws in Islam and the curtailing of free speech are once again in the
news this autobiography of a Somali immigrant who renounced Islam and become a feminist icon
is well worth a read.
The upper middle-class, well educated, obedient and devout daughter of a traditional Muslim and
opposition politician she suffered FGM like most Somali girls and fled from an arranged
marriage. Ali lived in several countries, endured civil war and witnessed the rise of the Muslim
She learnt Dutch and became a translator, went to university, obtained a degree and became a
Dutch MP. She had to resign when it was revealed she had lied about her identity in order to avoid
being hunted down by family members who believed she had brought dishonour to her clan and
religion. She describes the fear from the Somali clans in Holland and how it is difficult to melt into
privacy. She sees the problems with faith schools and multiculturalism which can allow the
subjugation of women and girls to continue and apostates to fear for their lives.
Under 24/7 police guard, in danger of her life after the murder of Theo Van Gogh in Holland she
finally found safety in the USA . Ali now works for various think tanks and calls for a Muslim
Reformation as a way of freeing Muslim women from the oppression and segregation of sharia law.
What a girl.


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